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New for 2018 is the Trileon™ Insole. Trileon™ is a super shock absorbing copolymer material, so your body and joints may feel less pain at the end of your day than with traditional insoles. Trileon is also used in our shoes’ durable outsole as well as in the removable, washable insole.

The Trileon insole rejects moisture. They can be washed off with water when needed or thrown in a washing machine, then simply wiped dry or air dried.

Trileon insoles are sized to fit SoftScience brand shoes, which are generally larger than other shoe brands. We recommend purchasing insoles that are the same size as your SoftScience shoes. They can be trimmed to fit other shoes, or they can be used as replacements while your original insoles are drying out.
Our shoes are designed to provide you a super comfortable and generous fit. Soft Science shoes come in whole sizes only, so if you normally wear a 9.5, you will want to jump up to a size 10. The spacious fit will still feel secure, but not snug. The fit also allows for moisture to evaporate, ventilation and important foot circulation to keep you ready for action all day long.

Our shoes have a wide fit
For an ideal fit, have a gap of at least half a pinky finger on either side of your heel and above your instep (the top of your foot). This will allow your feet to feel free, yet secure.

Soft Science Shoes have a generous length
There should be plenty of wiggle room in the front of the shoe so your toes and flex, and not touch the front of the shoe or boot.

Hugging heel cup
Your foot should have space between the back of the shoe and your heel. Our shoe may ride up and down slightly. Don’t worry, they won’t fall off.

The Trileon™ Insole
The Trileon™ insole is the secret sauce that provides superior comfort and stability. You can also remove and replace it with your own custom orthotic, but you probably won’t want to. The support of this super material will keep your body from feeling the aches and pains you may have grown accustomed to. We also use this same material on the outsole of our shoes, as well as in the removable, washable insole. This one-two combination of the outsole and the insole together are what give Soft Science Shoes wearers that walking on air feeling. It’s truly a wondrous experience.

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